Many women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer have experienced complications and have even died of the cancer, after their mammography tests failed in early diagnosis. A new Israeli method of testing is due to truly revolutionize the field, with early diagnosis of the cancer in 90% accuracy without direct contact with the patient. Sheba Medical Center has recently begun broadly researching the matter.

Significant step in cancer research: A new Israeli development is expected to assist with early diagnosis of cancerous tumors with infra-red light waves. Experimental testing of the method was proven 90% accurate.

Early diagnosis of breast cancer has been considered a problematic issue for years. Women who are not at risk however may still be diagnosed with the cancer are entitled to mammography tests partially funded by the state only from age 50 – and even then there is a chance the cancer will not be detected in the test. The MRI test is considered more efficient; however its high cost causes health clinics to spare it from their patience.

“Our test has raised great interest worldwide”, says Dr. David Yitzhaki, research and development vice president of Real Imaging, which is developing the method. “We are running tests today in the Scandinavian countries and in Sweden, and we are starting to run them also in the U.S. in order to get an FDA approval soon”.

Women who will participate in the testing will get a free test, even though it is cheap, and will eventually be offered for a sum of 200 shekels. The success of the research could truly revolutionize early breast cancer diagnosis, and save the lives of many women.