The health of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, 83, has deteriorated in the past year, and his doctors feared for his life; But his condition has improved greatly thanks to the secret treatment of an Israeli doctor, according to a report in the newspaper Yediot Aharonot.

On May 20th , Abbas was hospitalized for the second time in twenty-four hours at the Arab Hospital Istishari, in Ramallah. The Palestinian president suffered from pneumonia, complicated by a serious ear infection. The doctors feared that hs organic systems would shut down.

The PA officials did everything possible to prevent the public from knowing about Abbas’ condition. But, Israel quickly learned of the deteriorating state of health of the Palestinian leader and offered to give him treatment in an Israeli hospital so that he receives the most advanced medical care.

Naturally, the Palestinian leader refused.

Instead, Israel decided to send a specialist to Ramallah to join the team of foreign doctors who were already attending Abbas to try to stabilize him. After two days in intensive care, the Palestinian leader improved and a week later he was discharged.

After his discharge last May, Abbas rarely goes to his office in the Mukata of Ramallah, instead operates from home.