Elinor was pregnant with identical twins, she and her husband Dudi were informed by specialists that one of the fetuses had not developed correctly. The doctors recommended terminating the pregnancy.

Since they are identical twins, their umbilical cords are connected to the same placenta, the source of blood flow. Therefore, when one twin dies, the other dies soon after.

“The doctors told us they would terminate the pregnancy immediately as there was no way to save the twin,” Elinor said.

Elinor and her husband saw a news story on TV about a baby who was diagnosed with a defect, also in the womb, and Dr. Gialchinski from the Hadassah Ein Kerem in Jerusalem managed to fix the defect.

The distraught couple consulted with Dr. Gialchinski, who advised them to hold off on the abortion in the hope that he could save the healthy twin.

”The healthy fetus is on the bottom. Both are connected to the placenta on the left side. It was important to sever this connection before the healthy twin is harmed. We cauterized the common blood vessels to stop the flow of blood between them,” Dr. Gialchinski said when explaining the procedure to reporters.

There are only 10 hospitals in the world where in vitro operations are performed and Hadassah Ein Kerem in Jerusalem is one of them.