10-year-old Noor, who suffers from type 1 diabetes, has received life-saving treatment in Israel. But doctors are still unsure whether she will be able to survive back in Syria.

Photo credit: Channel 2 News

Noor, a 10-year-old Syrian girl with type 1 diabetes, has been getting medical treatment at an Israeli hospital for the past three weeks that saved her life. Now, as she and her mother are about to cross the border back to Syria, doctors are strongly hoping she will be able to survive under the extremely tough conditions there.

“I never expected this sort of treatment,” Noor’s mother told Channel 2 News. “I’ve been told that people were devoted and caring in Israel but I didn’t realize how much so until I arrived here. Our doctor is simply amazing. Whatever I’d say about her, it wouldn’t be enough.”

Dr. Orna Dali-Gottfried, to whom the mother was referring, is the head of the Juvenile Diabetes Center at Ziv Medical Center in Safed. “If she goes back to Syria and doesn’t have her insulin, she is going to die,” Dr. Dali-Gottfried said. “I’m willing to work day and night to prevent that from happening.”

The hospital has given Noor’s mother a special monitoring device that makes home treatment significantly easier.

“Our country is in a big mess, there’s constant shooting and war, and we live in a forest,” the worried mother said. “My neighbors have an electric generator so I want to keep the medicine in their house. All I want is for my daughter to live.”