Asi Ben Mush, an Israeli citizen who was expelled from Colombia for allegedly hosting parties that included drugs and prostitution, landed in Israel on Tuesday and denied having done anything illegal.

Ben Mush (right) arriving in Israel

Ben Mush (right) arriving in Israel Photo credit: Channel 2 News

An Israeli citizen who was expelled from Colombia for alleged human and drug trafficking said he “didn’t do anything” after landing in Israel on Tuesday.

“I don’t know what the problem is,” Asi Ben Mush, who lived in Colombia for over a decade, said at Ben Gurion Airport. “They brought me here by force; they kidnapped me without a court order.”

Ben Mush ran a hotel in the village of Taganga, where he allegedly hosted prostitution parties for Israelis on vacation, primarily former soldiers.

A few weeks ago, an erotic video advertising a sex party in Colombia sparked an outrage on social media. According to Israeli media sources, Ben Mush may have been involved in the making of the video, though this has yet to be proven.

Warning: Video includes sexual content.

“I was never arrested or questioned in Colombia,” he said. “If I were a drug dealer, I’d be in prison. I was a ‘big shot’ in Colombia but everything was legal.”

Last week, following Ben Mush’s arrest in Colombia, locals in Taganga sounded happy and relieved.

“Finally, we got rid of that bad energy,” a local said following Ben Mush’s expulsion. “He disturbed our social order.” Another said the expulsion marked “a new beginning for Taganga.”