Israel’s envoy to the UN told the UNSC in an official complaint that the emergency meeting concerning the Gaza border clashes was “a direct affront to the fundamental principles of honest deliberation” because it was held on the first night of Passover. The Israeli delegation “was barred from taking part in the deliberations due to the observance of our religious holiday,” he explained.

Danny Danon

Danny Danon Photo Credit: UN Photo/Rick Bajornas

Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon filed an official complaint with the UN Security Council for holding an emergency meeting on the first night of Passover. The meeting was called by Kuwait due to the violent clashes along the Israeli-Gazan border, which led to at least 17 deaths on the Palestinian side.

“The State of Kuwait, with full knowledge that our permanent mission, Israel and Jews everywhere were observing the first night of Passover, hijacked the consultations, forced an open session and invited the Palestinian delegation to present remarks that they had been advised to prepare well in advance,” Danon wrote in his complaint. “Israel was not given the same advance notice and was barred from taking part in the deliberations due to the observance of our religious holiday.”

Danon also mentioned the tactics used by Hamas during the “March of Return” event, which included using children to try to draw Israeli fire. “Once again, Hamas has exploited women and children as human shields, including by dressing young children in military uniforms and arming them with guns and ammunition,” he stated.

“I would like to remind the Council that exploiting procedural rules so that one side can make its case while the other cannot is antithetical to the spirit of the United Nations and is a direct affront to the fundamental principles of honest deliberation,” the Israeli ambassador added.

During the emergency meeting, Kuwait presented the council members with a draft statement placing the blame for the violence and deaths on Israel. However, the United States voiced several objections on Saturday and blocked the draft statement’s adoption, AFP reported Saturday evening.

Meanwhile, the IDF remains on high alert along the border amid fears that Hamas plans to launch rockets at Israel over the Passover holiday. In light of this possibility, the IDF has deployed an additional Iron Dome battery to southern Israel.

Most of the Palestinians who were killed in Friday’s massive protest were Hamas terrorists. In a statement released Saturday as funerals were held in Gaza, the terrorist group vowed to avenge the deaths of its members. “The blood of our martyrs was not spilled in vain,” the statement read. “The enemy will pay the price for this.”