Firefighters abandoned the tribute ceremony for the forces that helped in the last wave of fires. They claimed that the speakers did not thank them.

From the ceremony

From the ceremony Photo credit: Kobi Gidon/ GPO/ Channel 2 News

Yesterday (Monday), a tribute ceremony took place in Haifa for all the forces that helped during the last wave of fires. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan and Minister of Culture and Sport Miri Regev all spoke. According to the firefighters, they “praised Magen David Adom and the Police but forgot about us.”

The Spokesperson of the Coastal Region of the Fire and Rescue Services stated that his men had a central role in the firefighting efforts during the huge fire in Haifa. “Where is the respect for the firefighters?” He said. “Whoever remembered to name the Chief of Police, the MDA Director and the Commander of the Home Front Command should not have forgotten who put out the fire.” The firefighters left the ceremony in a silent protest. 

Before the firefighters left

Before the firefighters left Photo credit: Channel 2 News

A senior level official from the Fire and Rescue Services critized Netanyahu and the other ministers who were at the ceremony and claimed that none of the speakers bothered to mention the Commander of the Fire and Rescue Services nor the Regional Commander or the Haifa Station. “Let me remind you,” he said. “The event was a fire. Fires are put out by firefighters. Not anybody else.”

“Fires are put out by firefighters. Not anybody else.” Photo credit: Fire and Rescue Services Spokesperson Unit/ Channel 2 News