The employees of the Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry have turned to the Israeli prime minister, asking him to intervene in their labor dispute. They are threatening to shut down the Israeli missions abroad during the Passover holiday if their request is denied.


Illustration Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

In recent days, Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry employees contacted the Israeli prime minister, government ministries and MKs, asking them to immediately intervene in their labor dispute. If they refuse to intervene, the employees are threatening to shut down all of the Israeli missions abroad.  

It is no coincidence that this threat of going on strike was made as the Passover holiday approaches. The significance of such a strike during Passover means that the many Israelis who chose to enjoy their holiday abroad will not be able to receive help from the missions if they lose their passport. Moreover, if a serious accident or terror attack occurs, the Israelis will also be left to fend for themselves because the relevant mission will be closed.

The Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry is made up of two groups of employees: the official representatives and the local employees, who have been complaining for years about their salary rates. At the moment, the negotiations are at a deadlock. The Israeli Finance Ministry stated in response to the threat that the negotiations between the sides will continue in order to resolve the dispute.