A cartoon posted on Facebook by the Israeli Foreign Ministry, depicting Arabs as ‘stubborn’ and offering to pull them out of ‘the Middle Ages,’ has sparked an outrage on social media.

The controversial cartoon

The controversial cartoon Photo credit: Israeli Foreign Ministry Facebook page

A Facebook post by the Israeli Foreign Ministry calling for Arab nations to establish diplomatic relations with Israel has come under fire because of a cartoon depicting Arabs as “stubborn” and an offer to pull them out of “the Middle Ages.”

The controversial cartoon shows an Arab man riding a mule who proclaims, “I boycott you, Israel.” His mule then replies, “You are as stubborn as a mule.” In the background, Israel is depicted as an advanced, futuristic country.

The post that was added to the cartoon reads, “As the English proverb goes, if you can’t beat them, join them. The time has come for cooperation between Israel and its neighbors in order to build a bright future for the countries of the region instead of the boycott and remaining in the Middle Ages.”

Commentators on social media were outraged by the cartoon, calling it “racist.”