An Israeli who disappeared in Germany last week was found dead in his hotel room in Berlin shortly after his disappearance.

Berlin’s police force have opened an investigation into the death of Yaniv Avraham aged 36 who lived in the Ma’ale Adumim settlement in the West Bank. The cause and preceding events regarding Yaniv’s death are still unknown

Yaniv was last heard from on Wednesday after landing in Berlin. His family got worried when they didn’t hear from him, as their son usually calls once a day when he is abroad.

On Sunday, Yaniv was planning to travel to London but never got on the plane. After days without contact, Avraham’s family contacted Israeli diplomatic missions and local police forces in Berlin, as well as posting about his disappearance on social media.

Although Berlin’s police force discovered Avraham’s body last  Thursday they waited four days before telling the Israeli Consulate. Needless to say that the family is outraged and are in horrible pain.

“They learned that they found his body on Thursday, but they did not inform the family or the consulate that they have the body of our beloved Yaniv until today,” said the boy’s father.

Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Israeli Consulate in Berlin are working on returning the body to Israel for burial.