The teen, a resident of Ashkelon, was indicted two months ago for making several bomb threats and indimidating calls to JCCs and other institutions around the world.

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Two months after an 18-year-old Israeli hacker was indicted over bomb threats and intimidating phone calls he made to Jewish institutions, Channel 2 News revealed on Wednesday one of those calls, in which the teen’s partner is heard threatening US Delaware state Sen. Ernesto Lopez.

The hacker’s lawyer, Shira Nir, said her client’s autism caused him to behave in a way that showed faulty judgment. “His level of sensitivity for social values of morality is severely flawed,” she said. “That was caused by his autism as well as other problems which I believe we will expose in the future.”

In the audio recording, the caller, who worked for the Israeli hacker, is heard threatening to kill Lopez’s family members, some of whom he states by name, unless he pays him a sum of two bitcoins, approximately equal to $5,300.

Lopez: Why don’t you stop over right now and we’ll talk?

Caller: This is my last warning. I’ll kill them. You have to send me two bitcoins.

Lopez: Oh, really? Where am I going to send it?

Caller: I’ll give you my bitcoin wallet. If you don’t send the money, I’ll kill your whole family. … I have all your details.

Lopez: Good for you.

Caller: And the police won’t protect you. Trust me.

Lopez: No, huh? Really?

Caller: No. You can call the police if you want. You can’t trace me back. You have two days to send me the bitcoins and then I’m coming for you.