The founder of Mobileye, Ziv Aviram, has made his first statement since the celebrated deal with Intel.

Mobileye founder Ziv Aviram

Mobileye founder Ziv Aviram Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

The founder of Mobileye has reacted for the first time to the company’s huge exit. Ziv Aviram said today (Tuesday): “We are very excited. When we founded the company, we had a dream that we would combat car accidents and with this deal, we are so much closer to realizing that dream.”

Mobileye is an Israeli hi-tech company developing technology for driverless vehicles. As per the conditions of the deal, which is to be finalized over the next nine months, Intel will purchase Mobileye shares worth $15.35 billion. As JOL reported yesterday, the deal with Intel marks the largest business deal in Israeli hi-tech history