As the outpost evacuation continues, the panel of judges from the Israeli High Court of Justice rejected the compromise plan according to which Amona residents would be moved to a nearby plot of land. Meanwhile, 28 out of the outpost’s 42 homes have been evacuated,16 police officers have been injured and seven activists have been arrested.

Resisting evacuation

Resisting evacuation Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Israeli High Court of Justice judges ruled against the Amona compromise with a majority vote of two judges against one. According to the compromise that was canceled this evening (Wednesday), some of the residents were supposed to vacate Amona to plots of land near the outpost. The judges accepted the petitioners’ stance, which claims that the nearby land to which the Israeli government planned to move the Amona residents belongs to Palestinians.

Earlier this evening, the Israel Police leadership convened and decided to temporarily halt the outpost evacuation until the morning. At the end of the meeting, the Israel Police leadership announced that it had changed its mind and would continue the evacuation into the night. As of now, 28 out of the outpost’s 42 homes have been evacuated.

Right-wing activists continue clashing with police officers with shoves and by throwing objects at them. Seven activists have been arrested and 16 police officers were injured after a burning substance was sprayed in their eyes.

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