The Israeli company MySize, the developer and creator of smartphone measurement applications has launched an online store, Modelista, which allows consumers to shop for apparel using the Company’s MySizeID™ mobile measurement technology for the first time.

Modelista is the first online store to fully integrate the MySizeID™ technology and allow shoppers to measure themselves with the technology, upload their personal fit profiles to the retailer, and receive an accurate recommended size for any apparel item on the site. Consumers can then select their recommended size and add it to their shopping cart before checking out.

My Size launched Modelista as a proof of concept for retailers to highlight both the ease of use and value to the consumer, as well as to provide a data reference point reflecting how MySizeID™ can help increase sales and customer loyalty.

“We are excited to launch Modelista and bring MySizeID™ to the world, fully integrated on an online retail store for the first time. Though we have multiple leading brands that are testing the technology internally, we believe the next step in validating our proof of concept for the technology is to make it publicly available and enable consumers from around the world to try it for themselves,” said Ronen Luzon, CEO,My Size, Inc. “Consumers that visit Modelista will see for themselves how simple it is to measure themselves with MySizeID™, upload their personal fit profile, and receive a size recommendation for their desired item. We believe this gives us a tremendous opportunity to gain consumer loyalty and market feedback while establishing MySizeID™ as a must-have for any online retailer.”

In an online clothing market, estimated to be valued at over $72 billion in the U.S. alone, 70% of apparel returns are size related, while 32% of shoppers don’t purchase fashion online because of uncertainty around size and fit, according to a Drapers Etail Report. MySizeID can increase the sales of apparel retailer by reducing or even eliminating their customer’s uncertainties regarding size and fit. Based on My Size’s estimates, the MySizeID app can increase average order values by approximately 20% and can reduce return rates by approximately 30%. Furthermore, MySizeID enhances the customer experience, leading to greater brand loyalty