After not appearing in public for a number of weeks, journalist Sharon Gal related to the rumors about him and Elor Azaria’s conviction for manslaughter: “There was a tremendous sense of hostility from the court.”

Sharon Gal

Sharon Gal Photo Credit: Miriam Alster/Flash 90

A number of weeks ago, journalist Sharon Gal presented a program on Channel 20 and accompanied the Azaria family to the military court but at a certain point, he disappeared without a trace and the family decided to appoint a different spokesman. But yesterday, Gal appeared in the Kirya court after he did not appear for a number of weeks. In an interview with IDF Radio, he referred to the rumors about him.

“I was at home,” he stated. “I was always at my home. I did not disappear. I was in Israel and was taking care of a personal matter. I was connected by whatsapp. I took a vacation after making an announcement on Channel 20 and I extended it. It is not of interest to the public. I did not gamble money and I was not connected to the black market except for being a police reporter for Channel 10.”

Gal emphasized that he does not regret defending Elor Azaria: “I had no expectations from a panel of judges headed by Maya Heller. There was a tremendous sense of hostility from the military court.”

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