Hanan Shoshani, age 53, a father of five and grandfather of two, went to fly the skies of Long Island, New York, but crashed into the yard of a house. His nephew eulogized him: “He was known in the community. He always smiled and helped. He was an angel.”

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Hanan Shoshani, a 53-year-old Israeli American who lives in New York, was killed yesterday after his plane crashed in Long Island.  Shoshani, who was the only one on the plane, left behind five children and two grandchildren.

According to the report in the New York Daily Mail, the plane missed by a little a house with a mother and child. The plane hit the swimming pool and caused great destruction in the yard. One of the houses windows shattered and glass flew at the baby’s crib, yet the baby was fortunately not injured. “I was in the shower and the child was sleeping the whole time,” one of the neighbors stated.

Photography: AP/Channel 2 News

Shoshani was born in Tel Aviv and had a children’s clothing store in the Bronx. Yesterday, he went for a short flight in the Long Island skies, but never returned from it. His family is working to return his body to Israel. His nephew, Tomer Tal from Brooklyn, stated that Shoshani was an amateur pilot over the past seven years.

“He was going to take something from his plane to the airport, but did not return. The family is devastated,” Tal stated. “He was known in the community. He always smiled and helped. He was an angel.” The Regional Airport Authority began an investigation into the crash. According to the initial investigation, the pilot was in connection with them moments before the crash. He stated, “I can’t see. I need help.”