Representatives from the Israeli LGBT Association along with representatives from Proud Parents, Pride in the Likud and MK Amir Ohana showed up to the Israeli Welfare Minister’s office in order to discuss the same-sex adoption storm. The LGBT Association presented a review of the LGBT community’s status and proposed a solution to the crisis.

Thousands protest against the adoption discrimination last week

Thousands protest against the adoption discrimination last week Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

In the wake of the same-sex adoption storm, Israeli Welfare Minister Haim Katz met yesterday (Monday) with the Israeli LGBT Association leaders. Openly gay MK Amir Ohana (Likud) and Pride in the Likud representatives came to the meeting, along with representatives from Proud Parents, which is the non-profit organization that petitioned the Israeli Supreme Court concerning adoption. Following the Supreme Court’s decision regarding the petition, a public storm broke out leading thousands to protest against the state’s discriminatory policies against the LGBT community.

Israeli LGBT Association Chairwoman Hen Ariel told Katz about the community’s general situation and the situation of disadvantaged sub-communities, particularly the elderly, teenagers thrown out of their homes, victims of prostitution and asylum seekers.

Furthermore, she presented the association’s outlined solution for the current crisis, which included the cancellation of parenting surveys conducted by the Israeli Welfare Ministry about parents from the LGBT community, setting uniform and transparent criteria for adoption among all types of parents – straight, LGBT and single – and also eliminating the ongoing discrimination against transgender parents. However, no type of commitment has been heard from Katz about adopting the outline except to examine and learn.