A middle-aged Israeli couple was at Christmas market in Berlin with his wife when the terror attack last night occurred. The condition of the man is considered critical but not life-threatening. However, his wife is missing. German Chancellor Angela Merkel promised that those responsible for the terror attack will be punished.

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The Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry announced this morning (Tuesday) that an Israeli man was critically injured in the terror attack last night in Berlin. The ministry added that the Israeli consul general in Berlin is on her way to the hospital to check on him.

According to the initial details, the 60-year-old Israeli man was at the Christmas market with his wife last night. The man is sedated and on a respirator but his condition is not life-threatening. The local authorities have not been able to locate the man’s wife. She is currently considered missing. The Israeli consul general in Berlin is in contact with the German authorities regarding the woman’s status.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel commented on the terror attack this morning during a press conference, saying that she is “shocked, disappointed and sad.” Merkel thanked the security and emergency forces for their response. “I have great trust in the police department that will investigate this terrible crime and those responsible for it. They will be brought to justice.”

The Christmas market that was attacked

The Christmas market that was attacked Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

“Many people who were injured are fighting for their lives,” she continued. Merkel added that she plans to visit the scene of the deadly attack after he meets with her cabinet. Earlier today, Merkel spoke with US President Barack Obama in regards to the terror attack. “President Obama said that the US will assist Germany in the investigation,” she stated.