An Israeli security official has called on Israel’s State Attorney’s Office to speed up its probe into July’s shooting incident at the Israeli embassy in Jordan.

Israeli guard Ziv Moyal

Israeli guard Ziv Moyal Photo credit: Channel 2 News

More than two months after the shooting incident in Jordan which involved an Israeli guard, a senior Israeli security official warned that Israel’s slow probe into the incident might harm its relations with Jordan.

On July 23, a Jordanian man attacked Israeli security guard Ziv Moyal with a screwdriver, whereupon Moyal killed the assailant. A second Jordanian also died in the incident.

According to Channel 2 News, Jordan’s King Abdullah II has told representatives of American Jewish organizations in New York that he wishes for the probe to be wrapped up, regardless of Moyal’s verdict, in order for the relations between the two countries to return to normal.

The Israeli ambassador to Jordan, as well as her staff, have remained in Israel ever since the incident.