Following an increase in terrorist activity in the villages west of Ramallah, which included four shooting attacks, the IDF decided to implement a major operation in the area.

Watch: Footage from the operation

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In the late hours of the night, looking out of the helicopter windows while flying over the Tel Aviv area, the Israeli Paratroopers Brigade prepared to raid 7 villages in the Ramallah area. All of the brigade’s battalions were in the area. 19 arrest teams simultaneously closed off the access to these villages.

“In all of them [the homes], there are weapons of some kind or another,” Colonel Nimrod Aloni stated. “Some of them [the residents] are terrorists. Some of them are weapons dealers. This bloc is an area where in recent months there were four shooting attacks. All of them are unsolved.”


Illustration Photo Credit: IDF Spokespersons Unit/Channel 2 News

“There are weapons concealed here,” Lieutenant Colonel Roie Zweig stated. “They can be all throughout the house itself. There are many floors that have not yet been completely built. The team was tasked with a mission. We searched the entire area in order to locate weapons.”

The Israeli combat soldiers entered a big house and began to search all three of its floors. “The family members themselves are kept there under tight security in order to prevent them from disturbing them [the soldiers] as much as possible,” Sweig stressed. “Meanwhile, we haven’t found anything. Almost never in the first search do we find something. Only in the second search, and only if you are determined enough, you find [weapons in] hiding places or in the yard,” Aloni added. “Over the years, this region has become a more violent area that permits [terror] cells from time to time to organize deep within the area,” Binyamin Regional Brigade Commander Yuval Gaz concluded.