Parents who live near the Green Line are becoming more and more apprehensive to send their young children to preschools. They are worried that not enough security has been placed at the preschools that are located close to the East Jerusalem’s Arab neighborhoods of Isawiya, Shuafat and Sheikh Jarrah.

“Our feelings are intense and we are really scared,” said Michal Alnat, a mother of two young children who attend preschools in Jerusalem’s French Hill neighborhood. “Every day, when we leave our children at the preschool, we are scared all over again. The preschools are close to Isawiya and the rest of the neighborhoods. The sad reality is that it is very easy to infiltrate them without anyone stopping the person trying to break in. This needs to come to an end.”

The Jerusalem Municipality is doing it’s best to quell the fears of these parents.

“In accordance with the decision made by the Israel Police, which is responsible for public security and the security at educational institutions, some educational institutions are guarded by a security guard who stands at the entrance of the facility while some are guarded by perimeter security. We would like to emphasize that all preschools are equipped with a security package that includes a surrounding fence, control system, electric entrance, panic button that is connected to the city security hotline and a security car that patrols near the preschools that aren’t guarded,” they said.