It is said that the world wars of the future will be motivated not by gold or oil, but by the most valuable and vital mineral of the planet: water.

Access to drinking water without pollution is becoming a pressing problem not only for underdeveloped countries.

The Israeli Company Lishtot has developed a solution for testing water quality in a simple way. When you put their device near a container of water: the blue light will indicate if the water is drinkable and the red light will indicate if it isn’t.

Known as Testdrop Pro, the water tester has three different buttons for each type of water source you want to test: piped water, natural springs, and bottled water. The Testdrop Pro is the size of a small key ring and does not need to be connected to any other water source.

The device, which is already on the market, not only indicates the quality of the water you want to analyze, but also the purity of the vital liquid by analyzing the magnetic field.

The device, which is already on sale, not only indicates the quality of the water approaching it. It also acts as a data collector that feeds a global database through an application available on Android or Apple devices.

The application downloads information from the portable sensor and records it on your smartphone. it keeps a personal record of the samples taken, location and results, which can be reviewed at any time and personalized with videos and comments.