The Israeli Police concluded their investigation of the affair concerning the Prime Minister’s Residence. All evidence was handed over to the State Prosecutor. Police recommend that indictments be filed against Sara Netanyahu, electrician Avi Fahima, and Ezra Saidoff, Deputy Director for Operations at the Prime Minister’s Office.

Sufficient evidence against Sara Netanyahu

Sufficient evidence against Sara Netanyahu Flash 90/Channel 2 News

Today (Sunday), Israeli Police announced that they handed over their findings to the State Prosecutor concerning the Prime Minister’s Residence affair. According to the Police, they gathered a substantial amount of evidence against the Prime Minister’s wife, Sara Netanyahu.

It seems that there is sufficient evidence to indict not only Sara Netanyahu, but also the other two main characters of this ordeal: Electrician Avi Fahima and Deputy Director for Operations at the Prime Minister’s Office, Ezra Saidoff.

The affair began in February of 2015 with the approval of the Israeli Attorney General and the State Prosecutor. Their investigation focused on suspicions of several crimes, including fraudulent acquisition and breach of trust. Ezra Saidoff, one of the affair’s central suspects, addressed allegations regarding financial management failures within the Prime Minister’s Residence. “It’s all nonsense in tomato juice – I saved the country money,” Saidoff said to his defense attorney Gadi Tal.

Police recommend indicting Ezra Saidoff

Police recommend indicting Ezra Saidoff Channel 2 News

About a month beforehand, electrician Avi Fahima reported to Israel’s National Fraud Unit’s offices, where he was investigated under the suspicion that he was illegally employed to service the Netanyahu family’s home in Caesaria.

Fahima’s employment was done against explicit orders to specifically not hire him, as he is a known Likud activist and is a friend of the Netanyahu’s. In July, Israeli Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein announced his decision to open a criminal investigation “concerning several matters related to the conduct of the Prime Minister’s Residence” – both in their Caesaria residence and their Jerusalem residence.