Staff Sergeant Nofar Suisa ended her vacation early and rushed to Ichilov Hospital to donate blood. Her donation saved the life of a young girl sick with leukemia.

Staff Sergeant Nofar Suisa

Staff Sergeant Nofar Suisa Photo Credit: Israel Police Spokesperson

Staff Sergeant Nofar Suisa, 20, a member of Israel’s Border Police, saved a life recently. While on vacation with her boyfriend, Nofar received a message asking for an urgent blood transfusion. “When I got the message, I was on a trip in the North with my boyfriend,” she said, according to Israel’s Mako website. “They said they preferred a man, but I called the blood bank anyway to check if I was a match. The next day they called and said I was.”

Nofar ended up shortening her trip and drove to Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv. There, her blood donation saved the life of a young girl sick with leukemia.

Nofar’s decision reflects her strong moral character. When asked why she decided to join the Border Police, she said: “I always knew that there was nowhere else I’d rather be. It is important to serve and protect the country. I knew I might get hurt, but that doesn’t scare me. The thought that I protect Israeli civilians—for me, that’s the noblest cause.”