Hours before the huge strike was supposed to take effect, the public-sector strike was cancelled. An agreement was reached between the Histadrut and the Israeli government, which prevented the public-sector strike regarding the corporation crisis.

Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Following frantic conversations between the Israeli government and the Histadrut, it was decided today (Monday) to cancel the public-sector strike. The Histadrut threatened to shut down the public sector without a time frame in protest of layoffs caused by establishing the Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation and shutting down the Broadcasting Authority.

According to the agreement, 170 employees aged 40-50 will be absorbed into the corporation and into government services and employees over the age of 50 will retire early and receive bridging pensions. Furthermore, 550 Broadcasting Authority employees will be absorbed by the corporation and more than 100 will be absorbed into government services.