Approximately 100 girls from all around Israel participated in a special summer camp intended to train them in the cyber space. The IDF hopes that more girls will recruit to the technological sector.

From the camp

From the camp Photo credit: Cyber Girlz/ Channel 2 News

Over the past several years, the IDF has been in need of more and more cyber experts. As a result, it established special projects to locate and train talented teens. One such project, known as Cyber Girlz, trains a group of girls between the ages of 15 to 16 to become cyber experts.

The Rashi Foundation, the Ministry of Defense, the Shin Bet and the Mossad are running projects to locate and train boys and girls throughout the country. 1,300 students in grades 10 to 12 are already being taught computer programming and cyber in order to integrate into the security and intelligence authorities in the future. However, the military is struggling to find females in the field and have therefore set up this unique project.

Future of Israeli cyber

Future of Israeli cyber Photo credit: Cyber Girlz/ Channel 2 News

As part of a wider cooperating with US aerospace and defense company Lockheed Martin, 100 Israeli girls participated in a summer camp and learned how to build applications, networks, programs and encryption.

The girls

The girls Photo credit: Cyber Girlz/ Channel 2 News

“The learning method is fun,” explained 15-year-old Noga. “I was afraid at first to see a community of girls who love cyber. I don’t have that option in my school, only boys find it interesting there. I would program at home alone and here I have more girls like me and it gives more than knowledge, it gives lots of power.”