Father of four Rabbi Itamar Ben-Gal was stabbed to death at the Ariel Junction while making his way to a family function. The terrorist, 19-year-old Israeli Arab Abed al-Assi from Jaffa, has not yet been apprehended. Al-Assi was known to social services after his parents abandoned him and he chose to leave treatment facilities.

Abed Al-Assi

Abed Al-Assi Photo Credit: Screenshot from Facebook

Residents of the Har Brakha settlement are still shocked hours after the horrific tragedy, in which the late Rabbi Itamar Ben-Gal was murdered by a terrorist. Ben-Gal was standing at the Ariel Junction trying to make his way to a bris ceremony, where his wife and four children were waiting for him, when the terrorist attacked him, stabbed him to death and fled the scene. Israeli security forces are conducting a manhunt after the terrorist.

Information was recently released regarding the identity of the terrorist, who is an Israeli Arab from Jaffa. According to preliminary reports, 19-year-old Abed al-Assi divided his time between his mother’s home within Israeli territory and his father’s home located in Palestinian Authority territory. It has also been discovered that the terrorist was known to Israeli social services and even lived in a home for at-risk youth. However, al-Assi decided to leave the group home after he was prohibited from entering Palestinian Authority territory.

“This is a young man known to social services, who is homeless and addicted to drugs,” the Israeli Welfare Ministry said in a statement. “Throughout the years, attempts were made to help the young man who was abandoned by his parents and he received several housing solutions and rehabilitation from the state, but he chose to stop the process each time.”