With tens of thousands of Palestinians expected to march to the Gaza border fence on Friday, Israeli authorities are taking the necessary steps to maintain security while minimizing the danger of forces being hurt in violent clashes.

Clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinians along the Gaza border

Clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinians along the Gaza border Photo credit: Wissam Nassar, Flash 90

Israeli snipers have been deployed along the Gaza border fence in preparation for tomorrow’s planned protest march, in which tens of thousands of Palestinians are expected to participate.

The march, organized by Hamas, will act as a testing of the waters for next Friday’s even larger demonstration, dubbed by the terrorist organization as “the march of the million.” That, too, will be just another step towards a huge protest Hamas is planning for Israel’s 70th anniversary on May 15, incidentally the same day on which the US is planning the official opening of its new embassy in Jerusalem.

Hamas is expected to spend over $10 million – both from its own money and from donations – on its May 15 protest, a large-scale operation which will require setting up tents and providing food and transportation for the many participants.

As a way of dispersing potential riots while minimizing the risk involved, the Israeli Border Police will be using UAVs to drop tear gas on rioters if and when necessary. The UAVs will be operated by remote control, with each capable of carrying six containers of tear gas which can be dropped on command.