In an interview on Monday with Radio Jerusalem, Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan blamed the Arab society’s inbred taste for violence as the cause for the uptick in attacks within the Israeli Arab communities.

“Arab society, and I say that with sadness, is a very violent society,” he said. “It’s connected to the culture there. A lot of disputes that end here with a lawsuit, there they pull out a knife and gun.”

“It has to do with the fact that a mother can give a son permission to murder his sister because she is dating a man who isn’t liked by the family,” Erdan added.

Arab Joint List Chairman Ayman Odeh said, “Instead of taking responsibility for securing the safety of all citizens of this country, Erdan chooses to hide behind racist allegations and shift the responsibility onto the victims.”

“Crime in Arab society is not a product of Arab culture but rather government racism. A minister who sees us as enemies and refuses to protect us from the criminal organizations that obtain the vast majority of their weapons from the military,” Oded said.