A group of Israeli settlers from Yitzhar were filmed on Tuesday attacking Palestinian farmers, with IDF soldiers standing just a few meters away. The soldiers dispersed the clashes, but did not detain any of the settlers.

Photo credit: Nasser Ishtayeh, Flash 90

Israeli settlers were filmed on Tuesday throwing stones at Palestinian farmers near the village of Einabus in the northern West Bank. A group of IDF soldiers who stood a few meters away did not appear to intervene.

According to Palestinian locals, about 30 masked settlers attacked a farmer who was working with his tractor near the settlement of Yitzhar. They threw stones at him, shattered his windshield and punctured his tires. He and two other people were injured.

An IDF force that arrived on the scene used various means to disperse the riot, but did not approach or detain any of the settlers.

The Rabbis for Human Rights organization, which filmed the incident, said in a statement, “The IDF is going to have to provide a clear answer: Does it oppose this kind of behavior? Does it hold itself responsible for the security of Palestinians in its territories? What it intends to do in light of this documentation, which joins many other incidents?”