The Israeli government claimed that the law should not be changed in order to allow same-sex couples to adopt in Israel fearing “a sense of anomaly and placing a load on the child.” Gay Israeli singer Harel Skaat was infuriated and called upon LGBT youth to refuse enlisting into the IDF.

Harel Skaat

Harel Skaat Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

As reported earlier today by JOL, the Israeli government’s opposition towards adoption by same-sex couples stirred up quite the storm within the country’s political system and among prominent figures within the Israeli LGBT community. Israeli singer and songwriter Harel Skaat is one such figure combatting the decision and he even called upon members of the LGBT community not to pay taxes and not to enlist in the IDF as a sign of protest.

In a post published yesterday (Sunday), Skaat addressed members of the Israel Gay Youth (IGY) organization in Be’er Sheva, to whom he gave a lecture, adding: “The day will come in a few years when you will have to enlist in the military and do your part. As an Israeli who loves his country and is proud to be a Jew and speaks about it on every stage around the world, proudly served in the military, whose spouse is a major in the IDF and who serves for nearly one month a year until today, I call upon you not to enlist in the military!”

Skaat added imploring them not to “pay taxes from money that you’ll earn soon, in general, every duty that the country requires you to fulfill, just don’t give a damn – because it doesn’t give a damn about you with anything related to the equal rights that you deserve. Go spread all the goodness that you have to give from all aspects in places that accept you and not in places that do not.”