Hundreds of Druze gathered in Majdal Shams along the Israeli-Syrian border in order to sympathize with the Druze in the Syrian village of Hader, where a car bomb exploded this morning. An Israeli citizen was slightly injured due to spillover gunfire from the intense fighting in the Syrian Golan Heights. Shortly thereafter, the IDF clarified that it will not tolerate a rebel takeover of Hader.

Watch: Dozens of Druze try to cross the border into Syria in order to participate in Hader fighting

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Intense fighting between the Syrian Army and rebel forces was reported in the Druze village of Hader in Syria in the past few hours. In response to the fighting, hundreds of Druze Israelis from the Golan Heights and the Galilee gathered in Majdal Shams in order to show solidarity with the Druze on the other side of the border. The IDF and Israel Police are concerned about possible riots.

A Majdal Shams resident was slightly injured this afternoon due to spillover gunfire from the battles in Syria. “This was spillover fire from the fierce internal fighting that is going on in the Syrian Golan Heights area,” the IDF explained. “The IDF is monitoring the developments in the area of the city of Hader.”

Druze near the Israeli-Syrian border

Druze near the Israeli-Syrian border Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

The Druze in Israel gathered near the border in order to sympathize with the residents of Hader after a car bomb exploded in the village, killing nine and injuring 23. Israel Police forces are currently in Majdal Shams in order to prevent riots from taking place.  

“The IDF is ready and prepared to help the village residents and prevent any damage or takeover of the Hader village out of the commitment to the Druze population,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit explained. “The claims of Israeli involvement and assistance to global jihad elements in the fighting in the Golan Heights are baseless.”