The IDF is developing a new smart-watch meant to make medical treatment in the field more accurate and efficient. The watch will monitor all vital signs and also transfer the information to the hospitals in order to make the next part of the medical treatment better.

Graduates of the Teleprocessing Corps officers’ training course along with the Trauma Care Department in the Medical Corps are now developing a technological smart-watch that will be able to provide medics with the full vital signs of wounded soldiers in the field. The IDF believes that this advanced technological development will make the medical procedures that happen in the field much more efficient and accurate.

The special watch, which is part of a set called “Refuah Shlema” (complete healing in Hebrew), will be put on the arm of a wounded soldier as soon as the medical team arrives on the scene. Through its sensors, the watch will monitor dynamically and continually the temperature, pulse and blood pressure of the wounded soldier. The system will be activated by pressing the cell phone of the head medic on site to the watch. After the watch is activated, all the medical information, including the vital signs, what injury he sustained and when it occurred, will be transmitted to a database that will be available for the doctors who will treat the soldier next.

Major Dr. Ariel Hirschorn, Head of the IDF’s Medical Identification Department, said: “This development is meant to assist the medical team in making the right treatment decision in real time. Documenting and transferring information will be done almost completely automatically, so the attention of the medic can be solely focused on the wounded.” According to the Teleprocessing Corps’ estimates, the development of the smart-watch will be complete in 3 years.