Many people have developed an addiction to technology. Dr. Yarden Lewinsky a specialist in psychiatry at Sheba Hospital, explains this phenomenon could be dangerous, and proposes ways to deal with it.

“The symptoms of technology addicts are the inability to stop using it for even several minutes, and prioritizing it over everyday life,” stated Dr. Yarden Lewinsky.

“The available media resources create a situation in which a person is distracted at all times. This harms his availability to his work and to attend to his family. There are kids who complain about their parents never having time for them because they are constantly at the computer,” Dr. Lewinsky added.

He recommends a method for addicts to regain control over their lives: turning off notifications on their smartphones. “Users need to be the ones to decide when they check if they have any new notifications or messages. The smartphone cannot be deciding for them.”

Furthermore, Dr. Lewinsky claims the addict’s family has a big role in helping the addict get over their addiction. “Sitting in front of a computer screen all day does not create significance in life like sitting with one’s family.”