Arab news outlets are reporting that an Israeli spy network has been uncovered in Algeria leading to turmoil in the country. Alleged spies holding various African nationalities were arrested in Gharadia.

Were Israeli spies working out of Algeria? (Illustration)

Were Israeli spies working out of Algeria? (Illustration) Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Today (Friday), Arab media outlets reported that there is an international spy network working for Israel out of the city of Ghardaïa in southern Algeria.  Accordingly, ten of the network’s members have been exposed holding the citizenship of a variety of African countries such as Libya, Mali, Ethiopia, Liberia, Nigeria and Kenya.

The suspects have been arrested on suspicion of espionage, leading to a sense of anarchy in the country and it greatly damaged Algeria’s national security.  It was also reported that in an operation run by local security forces, sophisticated radios used by spies were seized.

Al-Zoari was eliminated in Tunisia a month ago

Al-Zoari was eliminated in Tunisia a month ago Photo Credit: Channel 2 News (Screenshot)

As previously reported by JOL, a month ago in neighboring Tunisia, a Hamas aviation expert who pioneered the terror organization’s UAV development project named “Ababil” was eliminated. Hamas was quick to blame Israel for the attack which was backed up by Tunisia’s own claims that it was carried by out by the Israeli Mossad.

Mushir al-Masri, a Hamas spokesman, said that “only Israel benefited from this assassination,” stressing that in Hamas’ eyes, “the Zionist enemy is behind the assassination.” Masri did not rule out the involvement of the Israeli intelligence.

Tunisian reports indicated that Zoari was shot at close range while in his car in the city of Sfax in the center of the country. Tunisian media outlets reported a quote by a journalist who claimed that the Mossad was tracking down the Hamas engineer and then eliminated him.