Israeli startup Mobeego has announced its worldwide launch of a disposable charger, which can charge a smartphone battery for up to four hours, at a price of around $2.50 per charging unit.

The charger is an inexpensive, simple, instant, and environmentally friendly solution for continuous and worry-free use of smartphones, without the need to use a standard smartphone charger, to pre-charge the charging unit, or a cable or even to find an available power outlet. Mobeego is suitable for both Google Android and Apple iOS smartphones, as well as most old mobile phones.

The disposable Mobeego charger is designed for the numerous situations in which the mobile phone’s battery runs out – while walking on the street, on trips, and any time or place where a user is not able or willing to charge his phone the usual way.

The Mobeego charger contains two simple elements. One is a miniature adapter for Google Android and Apple iOS-based phones, which connects to the phone’s charging outlet. Momeebo recommends making a one-time purchase of the adapter at the many points of sale around the world at a cost of around $5 (including one free charging unit). It also recommends keeping the adapter in an available place, such as a wallet, handbag, or key ring.

The second element is the charging unit, which attaches to the adapter and is connected to the telephone, and is expected to cost around $2.50. The charging unit will allow continued use of the phone during charging of the battery. The charge provides 1-4 hours of phone use, depending on the intensity of battery use. In case the consumer buys the charging unit for future use or a back-up, the unit can be used within no less than 10 years.