By using advanced technology, Syqe Medical wishes to make cannabis as easily accessible to patients as any other prescription drug.

Photo credit: Syqe Medical

Syqe Medical, an Israeli startup company, is one of the local pioneers of medical cannabis research. Their innovative products, such as the selected-dose marijuana inhaler, are designed to make the plant as easily accessible to patients as any other mainstream prescription drug.

The cannabis research scene in Israel has been developing rapidly over the past months, thanks to a succession of government measures. In July, Health Minister Ya’akov Litzman approved a deal to ease restrictions on growing medical marijuana. Two months later, Agricultural Minister Uri Ariel announced plans to begin exportation of the plant.

The most recent step forward came just a few weeks ago, when Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan endorsed a policy of decriminalization for recreational cannabis use.

The company’s inhaler is available in several hospitals across the country, and is reportedly a great success, thanks to its accuracy and its east-to-use interface.