Israeli-European interior and exterior design styles are becoming more popular within the international community. Americans living in Israel are searching for designers who can remodel their homes and apartments with innovative ideas that suit them and their living space.


Kitchen Photo Credit: 24 Construction & Design

From Jerusalem to Los Angeles, interior and exterior design experts are in demand as discerning home buyers and those who are looking to remodel their existing living spaces cast about for the hottest new concepts for their residences. These experts are armed with an array of tools, which allow them to offer Israeli-European design concepts to Americans and furnish Americans with innovative Israeli ideas.

Annette Frommer, an Israeli-based interior designer who boasts an impressive portfolio of international clientele, recently created a stunning model apartment for the upscale ParkEight residential project in Jerusalem’s Baka neighborhood.

“The model apartment had to speak the same language as the project, which is upscale and very unique,” Frommer revealed. “So I designed the model apartment based how I envisioned the essence of the project. As ParkEight is being built to a very high standard, the interior design of the model apartment was extravagant, but within the realm of what most people would be looking for and not over the top.”

Frommer, who was born and educated in Belgium before making Aliyah, has been influenced by European culture and sophistication, which is reflected in her trendy designs. “The ParkEight model apartment reflects what I’m trying to do in general with my American clientele, which is steering them away from what they have been used to in the USA, where homes and apartments have more clutter and less dust to deal with,” Frommer explained.

The model apartment also accentuates the “seeing is believing” element when trying to change interior design attitudes amongst American clients. “Americans and Anglos, in general, want warm and inviting homes. They like details, finished walls that are not plain white, with quality furniture and many accessories,” added Frommer. “I try and make them feel comfortable when I try and change their design attitudes, especially when apartments and homes in Israel are laid out in a different fashion. Some rooms are smaller than what people were used to in the USA, UK etc. I show them a different approach. The European design highlights a clean, modern and spacious look with more windows, less furniture pieces, which cut down on dust, as well as the usage of accessories in a more moderate fashion. My motto is, ‘have elegant spaces!’”


Bedroom Photo Credit: 24 Construction & Design

In Los Angeles, Israeli-born Noam Baram, President of 24 Construction & Design, is bringing international flavor to local trends. 24 Construction & Design caters to a wide array of clients, offering cutting-edge Israeli design concepts to his customers in California and beyond. “Our company has an impeccable reputation with regard to being sensitive to clients’ needs and making their design dreams come true with a minimum infringement on their daily lives. Renovating one’s home doesn’t need to be a stressful adventure,” said Baram. “By offering top quality materials and utilizing elite construction standards, we provide clients with a unique renovation journey that they will relish for many years. This is what separates us from other companies.”

Baram pointed out that both traditional and modern designs are in demand, “Wood -trim finishes around all doors and windows inside and out, windows, as well as wood stained kitchens cabinets with granite and marble countertops, remain popular,” added Noam. “Current building trends in California are two story modern designed houses between 3500-5000 square feet. They highlight high ceilings, open space layout, and modern kitchens featuring Caesarstone, which is an Israeli innovation (natural quartz surfaces) that has become a popular design element across in the USA.” He also explained that creating dining and living rooms featuring large bi-fold glass doors, which open up to a backyard featuring a pool and Jacuzzi, are also design elements that 24 Construction & Design has integrated into their remodeling efforts for high-end clientele.

Living room

Living room Photo Credit: Annette Frommer Interior Design

Having a designing ace at one’s disposal on both sides of the ocean is not unheard of either these days. In fact, it is growing trend, especially amongst bi-coastal new immigrants. As Frommer pointed out, “Many of my Anglo clients continue to live in their homes abroad at different times of the year. The purchase of a new home or apartment in Jerusalem can be used as either vacation home or one that is used during the summer or holiday periods. Thus, when they come to their Israeli apartment or home, they are looking for a designer who can offer different design approaches within their living space.”

From Jerusalem to Los Angeles, Israeli styles are blending with American/European sensibilities to bring a whole new look to homes large and small.