At the El-HaLev summer camp, children learn how to defend themselves. The non-profit hopes to reduce the cases of violence against women and children.

El-HaLev's summer camp

El-HaLev’s summer camp Photo Credit: El-HaLev/Channel 2 News

In addition to the typical summer camps that give children the opportunity to ride horses and play musical instruments, there are camps that want to teach children self-defense. The El-HaLev non-profit organization, which is based in Jerusalem, has established a summer camp that teaches elementary school students personal safety and empowerment self-defense. The organization hopes that the camp will help reduce the cases of violence against women and children.

The organization was established in 2003 by two female martial art experts who wanted to teach women and girls martial arts in an all-female setting. Eventually, the founders realized that aside from martial arts, it was important to give the women and girls simple, effective and practical tools for defending themselves in an everyday environment.

“The spirit of the camp is empowerment self-defense and martial arts,” explained Hannah Weinberger, the El-HaLev training coordinator. “The idea is to empower the children and teach them the self-defense tools that are suitable for children. During the camp, the children participate in workshops focused on personal safety during which we talk about the powers we have for protecting ourselves.”