Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli appeared in a controversial commercial that ended up being eliminated after an intense rainfall of criticism.

The Hoodies campaign begins with Refaeli wearing a traditional niqab, accompanied by the Hebrew text, “Is this Iran? Next, the model takes off her niqab to show off dressed in jeans and a sweater, while the text “Freedom is Basic” appears.

The campaign was harshly criticized on social networks by Muslims and non-Muslims alike,

Some called the model out for racism:

Others accused her of Islamophobia:

A number of Muslim women pointed out that their decision to wear the niqab or hijab is a form of expressing freedom in itself:

Others called on brands like Cosmopolitan to drop the model:

There were, of course, some users who were fully behind the ad:

Hoodies responded after the wave of criticism:  ”If we offended someone, we regret it. Our new campaign is designed to inspire people of all faiths, races and genders to follow their own path and express their freedom in whatever way they choose.

Refaeli ended up removing the video from her official Instagram account.