An Israeli-developed spray-on skin device helps treat burns and wounds quickly and without pain, according to the product’s CEO and a doctor who treats patients with the device. Resembling a big toy gun, the SpinCare device sprays a see-through, skin-like polymer dressing directly onto the wound.

The dressing withstands water for around 24 hours after it is applied, and peels off naturally as soon as the skin under it has healed. One treatment can stay on the damaged skin for as long as two or three weeks.For 30-year-old electrician Avi Rottenberg, the innovative treatment was a huge relief.

A few days after he was hospitalized with severe burns to his arm in October 2018, Rottenberg felt he was no longer able to stand the pain inflicted to him twice a day, during routine changes of dressings. After five days of this excruciating, standard treatment – which is required to prevent infection and to allow hospital staff to examine the condition of the wound – SpinCare was applied to Rottenberg’s burns.