A sensor developed by the Israeli company Innoviz will be implemented in all BMW self-driving models to give them advanced autonomous driving capabilities.

Innoviz's sensor in a BMW

Innoviz’s sensor in a BMW Photo Credit: PR

The leading car manufacturer BMW and the Israeli company Innoviz revealed today that they will be collaborating to manufacture an advanced model of self-driving cars. According to the announcement, an Israeli developed sensor will be installed in all BMW self-driving cars starting in 2021.

The LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensor allows for advanced 3D scanning capabilities of the car’s surroundings even under the worst weather conditions. The sensor is designed to be implemented in the car’s technological array and will enhance its autonomous driving capabilities.

The sensor is based on deep learning technology and by using a unique software, it identifies and analyses objects near the car, such as dangerous obstacles and travel routes.

Founder and CEO of Innoviz Omer Keilaf welcomed the partnership. “We are proud to collaborate with BMW, which is a pillar of the car industry,” said Keilaf. “This collaboration will provide safety guidelines for the entire industry. Choosing Innoviz is an unquestionable show of trust in our technological capabilities.”