Idan Yalovich just entered a bathroom in order to relieve himself but then a unique idea popped into his head: to take a picture of the toilet. Yalovich then started traveling the world in order to take pictures of various toilets.

Photo Credit: Idan Yalovich/ Nir Yalovich/Channel 2 News

Most people find it suiting to read a newspaper or play with their smartphone while they are in a bathroom stall but Idan Yalovich found something more interesting to do: to take a picture of the toilet.

At a neighborhood bar in Beersheba, 28-year-old Yalovich discovered a whole new world when he entered the restroom and saw “one of the most beautiful toilets.”  

Photo Credit: Idan Yalovich/ Nir Yalovich/Channel 2 News

“I never saw a toilet like that one before,” said Yalovich. “So many times, I had gone to the bathroom and looked at the toilet but I never really paid attention to the story behind it, its shape, its composition and its colors.”

This is why Yalovich decided to make a special website just for the pictures of toilets. Yalovich started traveling the world and talking to people about his creative but strange story about the toilets and his website.

“The responses were amazing,” he said. “People keep sending me pictures of toilets.” His website includes pictures of many toilets in Israel, South Korea, Laos, Germany and the US.

Yalovich is currently displaying the pictures of various toilets at an exhibit in Jerusalem.