Last night’s terror attack in Istanbul at the Club Reina left 39 dead and dozens injured. One Israeli woman was killed and a few others were injured, one of whom says she wishes to return to Israel immediately after the “dark night.” Turkish authorities are still searching for the terrorist.

Rawa Mansoor from Tirat HaCarmel was injured in the attack in Istanbul

Rawa Mansoor from Tirat HaCarmel was injured in the attack in Istanbul Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Rawa Mansoor from Tirat HaCarmel outside Haifa traveled to Istanbul to celebrate the New Year but found herself in the middle of a terror attack that killed 39 people. Channel 2 News’ correspondent Arad Nir in Turkey spoke with Mansoor. “It was a dark night,” said Mansoor. “I don’t want to return to Istanbul.”

“I did not see anything; I just heard,” explained Mansoor. “I was treated well but I just want to return to Israel. I don’t want to be treated here,” she said while still in shock from the event. Mansoor explained that she was injured in her leg and arm but feels all right and only wants to return home to Israel.

The scene of last night's terror attack at Reina Club

The scene of last night’s terror attack at Reina Club Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım said earlier today that the attacker left the weapon at the scene before he fled. Yıldırım explained that the Turkish authorities are conducting a manhunt for the terrorist. The man’s car was found. However, additional details are still unclear. “We are still not sure who is responsible for the attack,” said Yıldırım. “Some details are coming to light yet we are still waiting for conclusive results. There is no problem we cannot withstand; terror does not scare us.”

Turkish media outlets reported during the attack about an hour after the initiation of the New Year that people at the club located on the banks of the Bosphorus River began jumping into the water in an attempt to save themselves from the shooter. According to reports, many of those killed and injured were foreigners.