The friends and family members of Lian Nasser, who was murdered in the Istanbul terror attack on New Year’s Eve, paid their last respects today. Lian’s parents said that she had plans to go off to college.

Footage of the terror attack

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The funeral of 19-year-old Lian Nasser, who was murdered in the New Year’s Eve terror attack in Istanbul, was held today (Tuesday) under tight security in Tira. The young Israeli’s mother and father spoke during the service: “They took from us the pretty girl, the girl who planned to study.”

“She was the closest to me,” said Lian’s aunt during the funeral. “I will never forget her. She talked to me about everything. A pretty and young girl. I can’t believe this happened, I still don’t believe it.” Lian’s Jewish friends from towns near Tira also attended the funeral.

Tira, today

Tira, today Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

A senior level political figure from Tira criticized the fact that no government official showed up for the funeral. “It’s interesting why not even one government of Israel official came to the funeral,” he said. “We know [why] but it appears that the government does not.”

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