Following the public storm caused by the Israeli government’s response to the Supreme Court, which determined that same-sex couples cannot adopt children in order “to prevent placing an ‘additional load’ on the child,” the Israeli Welfare Ministry issued a revised statement. According to the new position, there is no opposition towards same-sex couples adopting children however, the Knesset must first pass legislation.

Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Following the storm surrounding LGBT adoption, the Israeli Welfare Ministry shifted its position determining that there is no issue ethically for same-sex couples to adopt children however, the Knesset must ultimately rule on the issue. The new stance was submitted yesterday (Tuesday) to the Israeli State Attorney Office’s Supreme Court Department in response to the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism and the Association of Israeli Gay Fathers’ petition.

According to the response, which was formulated at Israeli Welfare Minister Haim Katz’s request, the ministry decided “to embrace the Gross Committee’s position, according to which there is no room to determine threshold conditions and that established guidelines for matching a child for adoption must be sufficient.” The ministry added that its initial stance “didn’t include any reference to the parental capacity of couples from the [LBGT] community and of course, no negation to this capacity was expressed.”

The Israeli Welfare Ministry made clear that a decision regarding LGBT adoption rights can only occur through an amendment to the law. “Under these circumstances and with an issue that has significant social implications within Israel’s society today, it seems that the appropriate place to continue discussing the matter is in the Legislature,” the opinion read.