Brazilian media outlets are reporting that Israel’s request for the extradition of Yehoshua Elitzur has been approved. In 2004, Elitzur killed a Palestinian man and was convicted of manslaughter a year later. However, he fled to Germany and then flew to Brazil before he was sentenced to 20 years in prison.


Elitzur Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Two years ago, Israel filed an extradition request for Yehoshua Elitzur, who was convicted of manslaughter for killing a Palestinian in the West Bank. On Wednesday, the Brazilian Supreme Court approved the extradition, according to local media outlets. Elitzur fled Israel in 2005, shortly before a court sentenced him to 20 years in prison.

The date for his extradition has not yet been set because Elitzur still has the right to appeal the Brazilian court’s decision. 46-year-old Elitzur, who also holds German citizenship, was arrested in Sao Paulo in 2015 by Brazilian police and Interpol agents.

According to Elitzur, Sael Jabara al-Shatiya tried to run him over with his car and he responded by firing his gun because he feared for his life. However, the Israeli court rejected his version of events and convicted him of manslaughter. He was then released on house arrest until the sentencing hearing but fled to Germany using his German passport. Eventually, he flew to Brazil and started a life in Sao Paulo.