Israel’s winter system is about to peak. The rain in Central Israel will spread to Jerusalem and the Northern Negev this evening, but the Israeli capital will not receive any snow.

Snow on Mount Hermon, Archive

Snow on Mount Hermon, Archive Photo Credit: Flash90

From Friday morning until the afternoon, several inches of rain fell in Central and Northern Israel, while a few inches of snow piled up on Mount Hermon and other mountains in Northern Israel. Friday evening, the winter system is expected to reach its peak, but snowfall is not expected in Jerusalem. Throughout the evening, the rain should move towards the Northern Negev Desert and slowly east towards Jerusalem. The South is in danger of flooding due to the increased water flow in local rivers and streams.

The Israeli water company announced that most of Thursday’s rain did not really help water sources, despite the large amount. However, the rain fell in all the right places on Friday improving the water sector, although there is still an enormous water deficit due to the dryness over the past four years.

The Mount Hermon ski resort stated that heavy snow continues to fall. About 48 centimeters (almost 19 inches) of snow fell at the mountain’s lowest level. Heavy snowfall is expected to continue until late Friday night and the ski site will remain closed on Saturday. Mount Hermon ski resort employees are removing and leveling the snow in order to prepare the site for reopening on Sunday.

As reported earlier today by JOL, in some places, such as Safed, Beit Jann and Kibbutz Sasa, about two centimeters of snow piled up, prompting some schools to send students home in the middle of the day. Police have blocked a number of slippery roads in the area.