An Israeli woman who formerly taught and served as the principal at a school in Australia was arrested Monday morning for alleged sexual assault. The woman was deemed unfit to stand trial in 2016. However, a recent undercover investigation revealed that she was faking mental illness in order to avoid extradition.

District Court

District Court Photo Credit: Hillel Maeir/TPS

On Monday, an Israeli woman living in the West Bank was arrested for alleged sex crimes committed in Australia. The woman was a principal and teacher at a school in Australia and is being charged with sexual assault against three minors.

The minors in this case are three sisters. In August 2014, the Department of International Affairs of the State Attorney’s Office filed a petition with the Jerusalem District Court requesting that the suspect be extradited to Australia. In June 2016, the court stopped the extradition process after determining, in accordance with the opinion of the district psychiatrist, that the suspect was not fit to stand trial.

Due to suspicions that the woman was pretending to suffer from said mental illness to keep her from standing trial, an undercover investigation was conducted. The evidence that the suspect was pretending to be mentally ill became apparent during the investigation, leading to her arrest this morning.

The suspect has been taken in for questioning and will appear in front of a judge at the Petah Tikvah Magistrate’s Court. Additionally, the Department of International Affairs in the State Attorney’s Office has requested that the court renew the extradition process against the suspect in order to authorize her extradition to Australia.