While the civil war in Syria is between Assad’s army and the Rebel’s army, those who end up suffering unimaginable pain are the Syrian civilians. Meanwhile, within Syria an Israeli organization is working to help the victims of the war, even though they are breaking the law banning all travel to Syria.

An unfathomable number of Syrians are suffering from the Syrian civil war each day- hundreds of thousands have been killed, many others injured and millions have become refugees. But there to help against all odds, and travel laws, is a secret Israeli organization there to help victims of the war by providing them food and medicine.

Some Israelis still put humanitarian issues before political differences

Some Israelis still put humanitarian issues before political differences Photography: Reuters

“We are Israelis, Jews and Non-Jews, that help around the world wherever it is needed. I was in Indonesia and other countries when natural disasters struck, and now I’m working in Syria,” said an anonymous Israeli member of the organization. “We wanted to help the victims of a corrupt and unethical ruler who has no real connection to the Syrian civilians”.

However, unlike in disaster stricken places where all help is welcomed, in Syria, those helping can often find themselves experiencing great danger and hostility from the locals as well as the combatants. “I was in a special unit in the army,” the source that prefers to stay anonymous told, “but sometimes the battlefield is the least dangerous place. The scariest time is crossing the border. After that, 90% of the fear and the danger is behind you, and even though we tend to help people that escaped there homes very quickly, we witnessed unbearable scenes. I sometimes just stood and cried without any explanation. Once, we found a woman who lost her family and was then raped by Syrian soldiers- her own people who are meant to protect her- the same people that killed her husband and children”.

“There is no logic behind what we do, and of course we always hear what the Syrians really think of us.  But, as soon as I begin to save people’s lives and feel the satisfaction behind all the danger- there is no doubt that I am willing to risk my life for these people, even though I, myself am a father,” he concluded.